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There are four basic classes available for players. There are basic functions for each of these classes and options to choose from to focus the character in a preferred direction.


A character proficient in many if not all weapons and Armor. An Arms-man may specialize in one of the following: Melee, Ranged, Unarmed, and Devout.


A Priest is a holy person who has been granted additional power from a deity, higher power, or nature spirits. A Priest may specialize in one of the following: Deific, Natural, Cult, and Arms


A specialist focuses on bringing the right tool for the job. He may not be as tough as an Arms-Man or as knowledgeable as the Wizard, but he brings some specific skill set to the table. A Specialist may be one of the following: Face, Trap-Springer, Scout, or Scholar.


A Wizard is an arcane caster who manipulates magical energies to cast spells. An Arcanist can be one of the following: Wizard, Sorceror, Summoner, or Illusionist

Taking Multiple Classes

Sometimes you may want to combine classes for a more varied character. First you and the GM will need to work out the story behind the combination. You must start with one class. When you get the opportunity to advance your character, you can choose another class. When you do, you receive the basic attributes for that class and you chose a focus. You do not get the basic features of your focus. At any point after that, when you can advance your character, you may choose to receive the basic benefits of your new focus. At any point after that you may choose to advance your character in any of your classes.

Races | Basic Rulebook | Equipment


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